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Shannon D. Smith

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HR Certified Trainer and Talent Development Coach

Are you future-proofing your employees so they are equipped to thrive in the new world of work? Employees want professional development and organizations need a pool of talent to draw from as the skills required to succeed today constantly change. Talent Development just makes sense. It’s a win-win. 

I am a Talent Development Professional who is experienced in designing, developing, and facilitating strategic training programs. I work with leaders and human resources professionals to identify training needs and create solutions for improving skills, engagement and performance. I'm passionate about helping people unleash their full potential and find greater fulfillment in the work they do. Oftentimes, upskilling is a key component to discovering better opportunities.

Here's a fact: Investing in upskilling/reskilling makes your talent a renewable resource. The payoff can be substantial in terms of long-term loyalty and a return on your investment for talent acquisition. It is more important now than ever to invest in the development of skills and competence of your talent to ensure adaptability to the needs of our changing workforce.

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My Services

Helping individuals and organizations reach their goals through training and talent development solutions.


Training Programs

I work closely with leaders and human resources professionals to identify training needs and create strategic solutions for improving the skills of its employees.


Talent Assessments

Using science-based and validated assessments, I help companies obtain a deeper understand their talent in order to equip them to engage, motivate and develop them.


Talent Development

My talent development solutions are focused on improving the engagement, performance and skills of your workforce through customized frameworks and processes.

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