It's Never too Late Too Upgrade!

Shift From Passive to Powerful!

There are people everywhere waiting for something good to happen to them. They’re waiting for their talents to be discovered, for a raise, a promotion, or validation of their value. I know because I was one of those people. The good we all desire to achieve or receive does not happen while we wait. When we are passive, we get passed over. 
It is not until we decide to shift into our personal power do we experience the life we deserve. You may be telling yourself that it’s too late to make a change now, I disagree my friend.
It’s never too late to upgrade! Now is the time to shift from passive to powerful so you can take control of your career and your life! I’m here to show you how!


What's Keeping You passive?

Everything begins and ends in the mind! I want to help you remove mental blocks that may be holding you back from shifting from passive to powerful! Take the fast lane to your upgrade! 

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Take Control of Your Career & Life!

I learned a valuable lesson ten years ago: if I waited for someone else to see me, validate me or give me “permission” to do what was in my heart to do, I’d wait for forever and miss my opportunity to fulfill my purpose. The good we desire to achieve or receive only happens when we take intentional, consistent action that aligns with our values and who we are.
Are ready to stop allowing life to happen to you and start making life happen for you?
If so, I invite you to work with me so you can shift from passive to powerful and get what you desire!

1:1 Coaching program

Passive to Powerful Accelerator

The Passive to Powerful Accelerator is a unique 1:1 coaching program that helps working women skyrocket their confidence in 90 days without overwhelm so they can take control of their career and their life.
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Isn’t Time You Took Control of Your Career and Life?

Monthly Membership

Embrace the Upgrade Club

Growth and development doesn’t happen when we’re alone. There’s no one to cheer us on, hold us accountable and share insights we can’t see. That is why I created the Embrace the Upgrade Club. It’s a place where you can connect with likeminded individuals who are on the same journey as you…..striving to be a more confident, powerful and authentic version of themselves.

As someone who grew up shy and very introverted, I know how difficult it can be to connect with others. This is a safe, judge-free zone where you can learn and grow! You can be your true self unapologetically and practice all your “power-moves” with a supportive group of individuals who want to see you soar. I can’t wait to welcome you to the club!

Real Results From Past Clients


"Shannon's the Professional I'll Rely On In the Future!"

I hired Shannon to create a resume that would get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers for a position I wanted. Bringing her knowledge of the job market and what hiring managers are looking for, Shannon worked with me to get my resume to the next level. She crafted a beautiful document sooner than I expected! Working with Shannon was an absolute pleasure. As I move through my career, she will be the professional I rely on for guidance, advice and services.


"A Joy to Work With!"

I hired Shannon as my business coach, and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Why? Shannon is a joy to work with, and her knowledge of business operating systems and processes is remarkable. She helped in identifying tactics to achieve my business strategies and modernized the look and feel of my website. I highly recommend Shannon if you are looking to elevate your brand or just need a thinking partner.

You May Be a Good Fit If...

You’re serious about
your success

willing to invest in yourself to get results

will not make excuses or look for shortcuts