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I want to share traits and causes of inconsistency as well as what you can do to overcome this habit. If you’re trying to show up in a more powerful way so you can earn what you deserve, this article is for you.

The top traits of a consistent person

  1. A role model/ sets a good example
  2. Avoids saying one thing and doing another
  3. Honors commitments and keeps promises.
  4. Follow through on commitments.
  5. Willing to go above and beyond what needs to be done.

Why we tend to struggle with consistency

  1. We tend to struggle with consistency because we’re focused on the outcome we want to achieve, rather than the process.
  2. We struggle with consistency when we are unclear about what needs to be done to reach our goals
  3. We tend to struggle with consistency when there is self-doubt
  4. We struggle with consistency when we are perfectionists and holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations.

How to overcome inconsistency

  1. Write out your goals in present tense
  2. Create a repeatable process
  3. Be cautious with making agreements/promises
  4. Anticipate the Dip
  5. Take action, even when you don’t feel like it
  6. Find an accountability partner/coach

Emotional Commitment is essential for consistency. Any amount of consistency, no matter how small, will yield great results over time. By behaving consistently, you teach people that they can interpret your actions in a straightforward way, without worrying about your intentions. 

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